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The Chakras

We are all comprised of aspects of the universe. WE ARE ALL MINI UNIVERSES.  The Chakras are an energy system which manage every aspect of your well being, spiritual, emotional, mental, physical.  The world you actively exist in is created by your thoughts and your beliefs around these thoughts. Chakras transform energy, giving you the ability to manifest your thoughts, beliefs and desires (subtle, psychic energy) into physical existence (sensory energy).  within your chakras exist all your memories. These memories and experiences govern how you feel about yourself and interact with the world around you. Your chakras have the knowing of your soul’s journey recorded within its memory bank. They can open you up to the deeper understanding of your brilliance.

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Yoga Practice

Each week, yoga practice will focus on a specific chakra. We will breathe, meditate and move to balance and become curious about that chakra, honoring it physically, spiritually and mentally. The physical practice actually balances all chakras, but will specifically  acquaint you with the specific chakra to which the practice is dedicated. 

Learn about the Chakras

The 7 subtle energy wheels or centers, which govern all aspects of a person. These energy wheels should be rebalanced regularly with meditation and yoga. This Chakra workshop series will delve deep into theory and research into the chakras.

Yantras, Mantras, Oils

We are always connected to our spirit, but we may not always feel like we are.  We can use tools such as mantras and yantras to help us connect. Mantras deal with sound, music, chanting and yantras are visual representations of the chakras. The Chakra yoga workshop will explore mantras and yantras associated with each chakra.