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Newest classes!

Moon Flow yoga and Sister Circle

7pm Thursdays...Ava will lead the class in a soothing yoga flow, guided moon meditation, circle where discussion about current phase of the moon and its effects on us, and moon information pertinent to the season. Only $11 by registration. 

Teen and Preteen yoga

Sundays 12pm. What better way for teen aged girls to practice yoga than by a certified teen yogi! Ava is accessible, their age, and wise beyond her years. She will introduce ways for yoga to help teens cope with daily stressors, as well as get in a soothing yet rigorous workout. All levels are welcome. 

Class Descriptions

Winter Warming Vinyasa Mondays at 5pm, Sundays at 9:30am, Thursdays 5pm
Create Warmth in the 

core, while you stretch and breathe in an ALL LEVELS FLOW. 


Chakra Yoga Mondays at 7pm
Balance the Energy 

centers, called chakras. Find wellness in balanced chakras, ALL LEVELS 


Winter Wellness

Ayurveda Yoga and Health hour. We will share tips on diet, skin care, routine, then practice a 45 minute all levels VATA inspired Winter Flow


Winter Restorative Yin Wednesdays at 7pm
Get deep into the 

connective tissue, holding out just a few poses for longer periods of time. All levels, calming, stillness meditative class. 


Live Music Bhakti Yoga Flow Tuesdays at 6pm
Learn how to sing "OM"

and other mantras, singing in English and Sanskrit (very basic and easy) breathe and stretch to the harmonium music. 


Intro To Yoga Wednesdays at 5:30pm
Learn the Basics!

Learn the proper alignment for the basic poses of a flow. Learn the breathwork that is the center of yoga as well as the philosophy that guides all yogis. 


Candlelight Restore and Stretch Fridays at 8pm (45 min)
Candles, Pillows, Blankets..oh my!

Set up candles, get your props and join us for a quiet, relaxing series of supported poses that feel like you are sleeping. Soft music and serene guided meditation will be offered. 


Intro to Meditation and Pranayama Saturdays at 9am (30 min)
Finally! A class that 

takes meditation step by step. Beginners are encouraged to attend


Juicing The Spine Saturdays at 10:15am

Moving the Spine

by moving it in all directions with carefully selected flowing poses. The flows are smooth, not holding poses for any length of time, but flowing through like a dance to open and lubricate the spine and surrounding tissue.$11

Fun with Props Saturdays at 11:30am

Play with Yoga toys!

This class is so much fun. Bring two yoga blocks, a large pillow, a yoga strap or any long belt/sash and a blanket for the most fun with yoga toys! All levels$11

Kundalini Awakening Yoga Experience Sundays at 10:45am, Fridays at 6pm

Manifest Your Destiny

Kundalini is a special form of yoga that uses special sequences combining music, repetitive movement, chanting, breathing...all to awaken the energy that resides within...All Levels, Spiritual Magic!$11

Ava Lenore Certified YTT200

Teen Yoga By Ava, Teen Yogi

Ava is one of the few certified teen yogis on the Island currently working professionally. Ava will lead teens, aged 13-19 in a yoga journey. Ava will discuss what yoga is, how it can help teens, and lead teens through meditation, yoga sequences, journal prompt writing and "rap" sessions. $11