September: Rededicate your practice!
Make an intention to practice at least 2-3 times a week! Practice can look like many things...quick 15 minute sessions, meditation in an immersive setting, simple stretches, and yes, taking classes with Groovy Lotus Yoga. Try taking an online class each week, while making one onsite class...Increase your frequency from week to week, or decrease according to your life...Rededicate yourself to you and your yoga. 

Online Yoga Returns Better Than Ever!

I Only $10 Before and after each session with Lisa and Ava, feel free to chat with other students, make friends, share positive energy, worries, hacks...After, stick around and chat with your teacher. Share insights, or just listen. EAch class is totally modified for each student. Leave your audio on or off, video on or off, it is your practice. Invite a friend on your registration. The friend can make an optional donation.! 

Park Yoga: Weekends and Evenings.

Parks include Heckscher in Huntington, Belmont in Babylon, Northport Gazebo in Northport, Heckshire in East Islip. All classes are in lush environments, and will immerse you in nature and a gentle yoga with a little core fire throughout the practice. Nature can be metaphors for our inner spirit, for poses and for the practice itself. Come experience yoga in a different way. Classes are small and very approachable and light hearted. 

Hike w/yoga and forest bathing meditative walks

Hybrid experiences are also available at Blydenburgh Park, Belmont State Lake Park, Massapequa Preserve, Bethpage State Park and Heckshire Park in East Islip. We will hike through steady forest terrain, with some roots and uneven surfaces. Meditative, peaceful walking, periodic stopping for yoga stretch and forest bath immersion. These hypbrid class experiences are unique to Groovy Lotus Yoga. Email Lisa with questions. 

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Lisa extends a warm yogi welcome to all!



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Saturdays and Sundays Beach  and park Yoga

saturdays in the park 9am

This summer, park yoga will be available each saturday at 9am at Heckscher Park, Huntington on Prime Avenue, Heckschire State Park in E. Islip, and Belmont Park in Babylon.  It is a quick and slow flow class, fun, deep, introspective, energetic. All levels. 

Sunday Sunken Meadow Soulful Beach Flow

Beautiful morning class in which we will wake up our bodies with meditation, stretch, breathing, stoking the heat in our cores, then playing with fun and metaphoric poses in the workshop section of the class. Finally a floor practice...or rather a sand practice, cool down and savasana rest. 

Sunday groove and move robert moses beach fun flow and reset

Kick back within the lively atmosphere of Robert Moses Field 5, by the concession stand We meet off the path of the concession stand, where it is a bit lively. With music, fun and laughter, we will practice, and be light hearted. We will reset for the week in this all levels fun flow. .