DECEMBER: time to get back to yoga.winter-themed classes

Now is NO time to go without yoga! YOGA HEALS! The Groovy Lotus Zoom Room is YOUR studio. Complete flexibility. $11 classes. First time ZOOMERSFirst Time Zoom Clients: Half Off For You This Month:


Winter Solstice Event

On Monday, December 21, Groovy Lotus Yoga will be celebrating the Winter Solstice with a special event that will include a talk about the day's significance, intention setting, breathing, meditation and light yoga movement. The night will happen over zoom. WE WILL STEP OUTSIDE TOGETHER ALL ON ZOOM, and allow the significance of the night to settle into our souls...only $20 for the fun, inspirational class/workshop. 6-7:30

Ayurveda/Yoga Wellness Hour

Tuesdays at 7:30, only $11 on Zoom The seasons, like everything else in the Universe, are characterized by cycles of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha dosha.Winter is the time when Vata dosha or Kapha dosha dominates. Cold and dry weather increases Vata and cold and wet weather increases Kapha. Drying effects of heating systems can also aggravate Vata dosha.In winter, people are more prone to sinus infections, headaches, weak immunity, common colds, flu, aches, joint paint, depression, dry skin and hair, brittle nails, sleep difficulties, constipation, and problems with kidneys, pancreas, bladder and lungs. This class explores, POSES, BREATHING, OILS, ASTROLOGY and NUTRITION for maximal winter wellness.

Rock Party Yoga

Fridays at 6pm, only $11!! FUN!! We pipe specially curated rock play lists into the Groovy Lotus Zoom Room. We move and have fun to the music. Light hearted, all levels yoga that can be done to rev up energy and have some fun with friends. Everyone who tries this class comes back for another!!

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