Check the schedule for beach classes all week!
Coming next week: SUP yoga in Northport
Northport Village Park Gazebo Yoga Classes
northport classes soon to be placed on the schedule!


  beach yoga classes all week and weekend! 

mondays 6:30 Chakra Beach Yoga, Sunken Meadow State Park Beach

Dive deep into the chakras with meditation, breathing, movement, essential oils, to balance the chakras. Each week on Monday, another chakra will be featured, but always all chakras are activated and balanced. 

Wednesdays 6:3o Props Yoga
Sunken Meadow State Park Beach

Fun all levels class in which we use props. Bring yours or use mine, as supplies are available. Blocks and straps will be available as supplies last. 

thursdays, 7-8 Yin/yang yoga
robert moses st. park field 5

Super fun and nourishing class at sunset, in which we spend half the class in an active, dynamic stretch and quick flow, and half the class in a yin, slow deep stretch. All levels. All shapes and poses can be modified for anyone who is cleared to do physical activity. 

Saturdays and Sundays Beach  and park Yoga

saturdays in the park 10am

This summer, park yoga will be available each saturday at 10am at Heckscher Park, Huntington on Prime Avenue. It is a quick and slow flow class, fun, deep, introspective, energetic. All levels. 

Sunday Sunken Meadow Soulful Beach Flow

Beautiful morning class in which we will wake up our bodies with meditation, stretch, breathing, stoking the heat in our cores, then playing with fun and metaphoric poses in the workshop section of the class. Finally a floor practice...or rather a sand practice, cool down and savasana rest. 

Sunday groove and move robert moses beach fun flow and reset

Kick back within the lively atmosphere of Robert Moses Field 5, by the concession stand We meet off the path of the concession stand, where it is a bit lively. With music, fun and laughter, we will practice, and be light hearted. We will reset for the week in this all levels fun flow. .

"yoga is the essential science of living. it transforms man from ignoble to noble"

Shri Yogendraji, The Father of Modern Yoga, Founder of the Yoga Institute, the yogi who brought yoga out of the caves and mountains and into our everyday lives

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