30 day yoga challenge 
next challenge: June, 2023

Bring a little bit of yoga into your life every day and watch how you transform your daily living from one of stress and negative self talk to one of gratitude, humility, wellness and a path forward to deal with life's challenges. 
Each day, a new yoga challenge will appear  below, and on social media, 
for all to try. 
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Each week, take just one online class to continue the challenge.
After signing up for an online yoga class, you will receive a link to your 30 day calendar and a check list for the 30 days, to keep track!
each day your "daily choices" will pop up, keep track of your completion!

Challenge Example

Here is a free YOGA CHALLENGE SAMPLE. Try this and see where it takes you.  

warm up by sitting and breathing, getting comfortable and tuning into yourself. Breathe regularly at first, then begin breathing more deeply and slowly,. Gradually, you will become more relaxed. When you feel like it, imagine sitting on a rainbow cloud . Imagine this colorful energy balancing your chakras, your body, spirit, your whole being. Imagine that you are safe,,creative, assertive, perceptive and open to the moment. Read this several times, then try this meditation for perhaps 5 minutes. Set a timer. When the timer goes off, spend a few seconds getting reacclimated to your environment. Namaste