Lisa Pellicone Arce

Founder, Owner and Teacher, Groovy Lotus Yoga

Lisa's Yoga Philosophy and Practice

Lisa believes that we are all beautiful lotuses, each day blooming into the sun then receding into the water as part of a timeless cycle of life. We get "muddy", learn, wash ourselves in the waters and energy of life, and bloom again. We are all GROOVY LOTUSES.  Lisa believes that yoga, the yoking of body, spirit, soul and mind, comes in many forms, the meditative pursuits of the arts, of passions that consume our minds and spirits to the present moment and help us know our divine selves....This is yoga... Lisa believes that the philosophy and practice are inextricably linked. When we approach our mats, we practice for life. We practice breath, presence, movement, explore our bodies, minds and spirits. Lisa loves to teach: VINYASA, HATHA, KUNDALINI, BHAKTI, GENTLE, YIN, RESTORATIVE, CHAKRA, YOBO (kickbox/yoga), AND SUP /BEACH YOGA....Lisa performs in KIRTAN, special yoga concerts that focus on  bringing out the true love and devotion to spirit through music and singing/chanting. Lisa's Kirtans "ain't your grandma's"...They are lively, infused with rock, pop, soul, world beat, traditional sounds...Check out Lisa's monthly schedule. Namaste and continue to be a GROOVY LOTUS...

Morbi in sem

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Confessions of a Bohemian Soul

Lisa is a free soul, a seeker of spirituality, love, community with nature and others. Lisa finds her yoga in singing, writing and performing music, practicing and teaching yoga, studying, watching, reading about, visiting history and historic places. Lisa is a NYS certified History teacher as well as a YTT certified yoga teacher, currently undergoing her 300 hour certification with "Always at Aum", on Long Island in NY. Lisa is a vocalist and songwriter and is currently working on her album, "Confessions of a Bohemian Soul", which is a collection of original music that explores THE WHOLE WOMAN...The whole hippie, bohemian woman... We have our light and dark sides. Don't judge your perceived shadows...your "issues" , understand them. Lisa is blessed to be working with several industry leaders and musicians who are helping her to get her album out in 2021. Stay tuned!

Lisa's Publications

Lisa is a New York State certified History teacher for secondary grades. Here are some of her publications: articles, lesson plans published by and Scholastic Products.