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DECEMBER: time to get back to yoga.winter-themed classes

Now is NO time to go without yoga! YOGA HEALS! The Groovy Lotus Zoom Room is YOUR studio. Complete flexibility. $11 classes. First time ZOOMERSHalf off Tues 7:30 Ayurveda Yoga class click here For Half off Sunday at 9:30 Click Here

Private Zoom Sessions

Begin your yoga journey with total attention paid to your specific needs and goals. Consult with your instructor to co create the best plan for your peace, health, calm and so that YOU CAN MANIFEST YOUR TRUEST, BEST LIFE. only $25 for an hour session.https://www.groovylotus.com/CLICK "SERVICES"


Winter Solstice Event

On Monday, December 21, Groovy Lotus Yoga will be celebrating the Winter Solstice with a special event that will include a talk about the day's significance, intention setting, breathing, meditation and light yoga movement. The night will happen over zoom. WE WILL STEP OUTSIDE TOGETHER ALL ON ZOOM, and allow the significance of the night to settle into our souls...only $20 for the fun, inspirational class/workshop. 6-7:30

Ayurveda/Yoga Wellness Hour . Want 1/2 off?     coupon:https://www.schedulicity.com/scheduling/GLY649/promotion/TNCJNDJPS  only $5.50 with coupon Link until 2021!

Tuesdays at 7:30, only $11 on Zoom The seasons, like everything else in the Universe, are characterized by cycles of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha dosha.Winter is the time when Vata dosha or Kapha dosha dominates. Cold and dry weather increases Vata and cold and wet weather increases Kapha. Drying effects of heating systems can also aggravate Vata dosha.In winter, people are more prone to sinus infections, headaches, weak immunity, common colds, flu, aches, joint paint, depression, dry skin and hair, brittle nails, sleep difficulties, constipation, and problems with kidneys, pancreas, bladder and lungs. This class explores, POSES, BREATHING, OILS, ASTROLOGY and NUTRITION for maximal winter wellness.

Rock Party Yoga

Fridays at 6pm, only $11!! FUN!! We pipe specially curated rock play lists into the Groovy Lotus Zoom Room. We move and have fun to the music. Light hearted, all levels yoga that can be done to rev up energy and have some fun with friends. Everyone who tries this class comes back for another!!

Fun With Yoga Props: New Class on Sundays @11:30

YOGA TOYS!!! CLICK THE "PROP KIT PIC" ABOVE TO ORDER A PROP KIT AT A SPECIAL PRICE FROM AMAZON.COM. This class is so much fun. It uses blocks, straps, blankets, pillows..all in an all levels yoga class, designed to stretch your limbs, organs, muscles, ligaments, increase flexibility and calm, all while having fun using the yoga toys to enhance your flexibility, modify different poses, and give the student different physical perspectives. 

Kundalini: Awakening Your Power

Sundays at 10:15amIf you have never tried a Kundalini class, you must! The most direct form of yoga with regards to using pranayama, meditation and mantra, coupled with a specially curated sequence of movements designed to awaken the Kundalini energy lodged in the first chakra. All levels class. 

Hatha Yoga

Wednesdays 6pmHatha is an original form of yoga from which most of today's yoga classes originate. In this class we will look at proper alignment for simple poses that can be found in any yoga class. Focus will be on alignment and breath. Not a vinyasa class, there is no" up and down"

Winter Yin

Wednesdays at 7Yin is a special type of yoga in which we hold out only a handful of poses for several minutes at a time, giving the body the space to open the fascia, ligaments and connective tissues. This is an all levels class, which focuses on power in stillness. 

Chakra Yoga

Mondays at 7pmBalancing the Chakras is a never ending task. Each week, take this class to work on balancing and learning all about the chakras, including how to balance them through energy work, mantra and meditation. We will engage in special poses to balance the chakras and learn about how to use this energy to bring about calm and awakening. 

Boo Boo Body Yoga

Each week we will focus on the upper or lower body and engage in movement, breath and meditation that heal specific body parts as well as the psyche. Each month the schedule is upper body, then the following week lower body, and the third week of every month goes back to the upper body. This class is an excellent addition to doctor approved physical therapy programs. 

Afternoon Winter Vinyasa

Mondays at 5pm and Thursdays at 4:30: take an early yoga class! All levels, Get back that afternoon energy! Get a calm, focused start to the second part of your day. Great for teachers and those who have their afternoons free!

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