DAILY PLANNING..Incorporating MEDITATION AND YOGA into your daily routine!

Forgot to get in your yoga? Insist that you have "no time" for meditation? Yep...this article is for you. YES YOU DO...WE ALL HAVE THIS TIME.  But will you choose it? It all starts with the INTENTION.... No, this isn't another article about your willpower, your intention...but we should mention that change starts wtih the desire...so if you really don't want to make a positive change to your daily routine THEN DON'T ...Don't waste your time thinking maybe. Choose your choice...Still reading? Awesome and THANK YOU. 

If you truly want to incorporate more yoga, breathing and meditation, not to mention some handy healthy habits into your day, try these amazing tips. fyi: I do these and have found a significant improvement in my mental health, how my body feels in the morning and at night, and with my disposition...much calmer...

Try to wake up on the earlier side. Sleeping in, unless you really need the sleep, starts you off late, groggy and usually feeling less vivacious than if you got up earlier.  Set a soothing alarm, fading in if you can figure out how...Then get out of bed, sit on a mat or blanket and meditate for 5 minutes. HOW?? Sit on your mat, legs crossed. Begin conscious breathing, telling your body parts to relax, but still sitting with a "straight" spine. Relax shoulders and jaw, especially, and focus on the inhale and exhale. That's all. When a thought pops in, simply resume the focus on the breath. Set a timer for 5 minutes..THAT'S ALL you have to do to begin meditating.

Try some warm lemon water to stimulate digestion. After, try to eat something for breakfast before 10am...8am is the best time on the average...But make this work for YOUR LIFE. Protein and high fiber, unless you have a wheat allergy, will give you lots of energy. Try to keep what you eat as "whole" as possible, fewer processed foods, more natural foods.

When you start to feel stiff, perhaps at mid day, take a meditation break and stretch/breathe for a good 10-15 minutes...THIS IS YOGA...It can be done almost anywhere. You don't have to get on the ground. Do several sun breaths, perhaps a few warrior poses. Just be aware, and kind to your body. If you can, check out groovylotus.com on demand videos, especially the "Feel Good in 15" classes.  You can go to your yoga several times a day. The same goes for meditation. You will truly feel much better than if you don't.

In the evening, try not to eat after 8pm if you can help it. Before bed or earlier, you can do some more stretches, take a beach sunset yoga class, but don't forget to unwind with a brief nighttime meditation, which will help you sleep soundly..

Just try these small changes. Email Lisa at groovylotusyoga@gmail.com and let me know how it goes. Let's Chat...